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Be Sure you Don’t Commit Fraud!

Commit FraudProviding false information in any type of U.S. Visa application will not only get you a denial but some serious penalties will follow and others who may have encouraged you could also be penalized by the U.S. government.

Entering wrong information in a visa application is deemed to be fraud against the U.S. government. The outcome of providing inaccurate information may end in a delay, or a denied visa and even disapproval of current immigration petitions.

Committing fraud with the intention of deceiving an immigration officer or the U.S. immigration system is breaking a federal law. Anyone involved with falsifying information or found to be involved with the falsification of information can be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by a federal grand jury, once the matter is officially inspected by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Details That May Affect Obtaining a U.S. Tourist Visa

There are thousands of people that apply for a B-2, Visitor’s Visas. This visa classification grants recipients the opportunity to visit the United States of America for pleasure or medical purposes with a 6 month stipulated time frame.

Details That May Affect Obtaining a U.S. Tourist Visa

The staying time is decided upon by immigration officials when entering an authorized port of entry. Once having been allowed into the U.S. you can file for a 6 month extension, however, be mindful to not surpass the 1 year limited time period, as to avoid any legal problems with immigration. The penalties are harsh and unpleasant.

People who violate the designed purpose of a U.S. visa, will be fined so that they are not allowed entrance into the U.S., which is applicable to all types of visas.

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What to Expect at a Biometrics Appointment

Thousands upon thousands applying for benefits from the U.S. government must show up for a Biometrics Appointment as part of their application process. Several of these benefits include; temporary employment authorization, obtaining a green card or even U.S. Citizenship.

Biometrics AppointmentRegardless of how terrifying this process might be, applicants, should be at ease as the biometrics appointment is simply done for security and identity purposes. Yet, everyone must be able to understand what takes place at a biometrics appointment.

The Biometrics Appointment at the USCIS

The term “biometrics” simply means that an individual’s distinctive physical and other characteristics are identified and documented for the sole purpose of proving one’s identity. During this appointment the USCIS will take a photograph and digital fingerprints and have the person sign his or her name. This procedure proves  your identity to USCIS so benefits can be provided to the actual person and enables the USCIS to detect the appropriate criminal background check.

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What Route to Take After a Green Card Denial

If you have received a denial for your immigrant visa petition or green card and you still want to go to the United States you should seek help from an immigration lawyer immediately. Sometimes a simple officer’s mistake could be the cause of a denial, a criminal background can interfere with the approval of a green card, or an insufficient supporting documentation can weaken an application or the refusal of an applicant to follow instructions could result in a decline.

Green Card Denial

A Visa Petition Declined

Once USCIS declines the first visa petition, of either a Form I-140 for employment, Form I-129 for temporary employment, Form I-130 Family immigrant visas, or Form I-129F Fiance’ of American Citizens, it is highly recommended to redo the whole application process. Besides hiring an immigration attorney one can strategically appeal their case. Restarting the whole process afresh may have its advantages, but the fees must be paid again.
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Common Reasons a Green Card is Denied

Due to the complexities of the U.S. Immigration Law many Green Card applications are often denied by the U.S. Consulate in foreign countries or by the USCIS in the United States of America. There are several reasons as to why the immigration administration may legally deny a green card application.

Common Reasons a Green Card is Denied

Health Associated Problems

When applying for a (legal permanent resident status) a medical evaluation is requested by USCIS and is done by a doctor authorized by the government.

If the medical results state that a person has a contagious disease that is threatening to the public, or that the person is a drug addict or has a physical or mental illness and is a risk to themselves or others, and even failure to provide confirmation of essential vaccinations, can cause a green card denial.

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