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Learning About the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

One of the most puzzling characteristics of the U.S. immigration system is the manner in which they administer information. You may never know when the U.S. immigration can use your own personal information against you and deny you any of the U.S. government benefits that you may be pursuing.

Freedom of Information ActBefore you consider applying for a U.S. government benefit it is always advisable to consult with an expert U.S. immigration attorney who can guide you and show you the options available, as well as any advantages or risks that you might face if you choose to go ahead and submit information to the U.S. Immigration authorities.

In some instances a foreigner may face some difficulties when applying for a U.S. government benefit such as a U.S. green card, whether family or employment based; all because of the information the U.S. immigration may have on a person. These obstacles may come in the form of a very lengthy process or an instant denial of a green card or any other benefit.

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Avoiding Misrepresentation on your Form I-9

If you have been employed by a company and you are working for a salary; you may have been asked to complete the Form I-9. The purpose of this form is for employers to verify that their employees or foreign workers are eligible to work in the United States according to U.S. immigration laws.

Completing Form I-9Filling out a Form I-9 may appear easy but, immigrants must carefully examine all the questions within that form and make sure that they include correct information.

If by any chance you check any incorrect boxes that suggest you are a U.S. citizen, this can affect you in the future and could be your ticket to deportation from the country.

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