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Applying for Advance Parole with DACA Status

Advance ParoleRecipients of a DACA status may sometimes have the need to travel outside of the U.S. either for a family emergency or some other circumstance beyond their control.

When confronted by a situation like this many individuals are afraid to travel overseas for fear of losing their DACA status and not being able to legally reenter the United States.

Thanks to Advance Parole, DACA holders can now enjoy the privilege of travelling in and out of the U.S. without losing their status.

Before intending to travel abroad find out if there are any risks, this way you can be prepared for any unexpected incidents.
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Procedure for Renewing a U.S. Green Card

U.S.Green CardAll recipients of U.S. Green Cards that were distributed in 1989 or afterwards will expire, the expiration date is shown on the front of the card.

After ten years everyone must renew U.S. Green Card. Renewing a U.S. green card will involve completing a Form I-90, paying fees and submitting evidence to USCIS.

A Legal Permanent Resident Status Does Not Expire

Legal Permanent Resident Status (LRP) does not expire. This has been a source of confusion for several years, it was thought that when a U.S. green card expires so does the resident status; that is not the case.

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Processing Fees for an I-192 Waiver

I-192 ApplicationFiling an I-192 waiver will be costly. You will need to pay the application fees for this specific U.S. government benefit and it is advised to hire an expert immigration attorney.

The purpose of an I-192 Application is for Advanced Permission to Enter Temporarily as a Non-immigrant even though you may be inadmissible to enter the United States as a foreign national.

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