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Administrative Appeals

Immigration Appeals Attorney for Permanent Residence

If your application or petition for a visa was declined or revoked, you still have the option to file an appeal.More

Deportation Removal Defense

immigration visa lawyer

Facing deportation or removal is a very emotional and stressful time. Whether you or a loved.....More

International Adoption

International Adoption LawyerInternational Adoption Lawyer

Couples who wish to adopt a child from another country have numerous legal hoops ........More


Statue of Liberty

Naturalization is the process where U.S. citizenship is given to a foreign citizen after ......More

Temporary or Nonimmigrant Options/Visas

Passport Services

Visa is issued to business visitors who wish to enter the United States on temporary basis to engage.....More


Parental Waiver and Release

The preparation of a waiver is critical for your immigration case. But, before you can hire an .......More

Other Immigration Services

Immigration Services

There are a variety of specialty services that you or your loved ones may need as part of the ......More

Dreamers / Deferred Action

immigration lawyer chicago

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security became restricted on how and when they .......More

Asylum / Withholding of Renewal

immigration lawyer chicago

People come to the United States to seek protection—whether from religious persecution ....More

U and T Visas

visa lawyer

U and T Visas were initially created to encourage victims of serious crimes to cooperate.....More

Expert Immigration Lawyer Phoenix, Chicago, and Houston Zealously Representing the Foreign Born

At the Gambacorta Law Office, we provide sophisticated legal knowledge of Immigration lawyer Phoenix and an unprecedented attention to detail to each of our immigration cases. We zealously represent those from foreign countries who want to enter the United States or who are fighting to stay. Whether you have a visa issue or you’re combating nationality laws, we can help.

Founded in Arizona, Hawaii, and Illinois by attorney Timothy A. Gambacorta, our law office has a successful track record assisting clients with their immigration needs. We represent individuals, families, employers and foreign nationals, and are happy to arrange a consultation with you today.

Comprehensive Lawyer Services in Immigration and Nationality Law

immigration lawyer chicagoThe Gambacorta Law Office provides a comprehensive list of services that are designed to suit every immigration concern. Some of the services you will find at our law office include:

Immigration law can be highly complex and very frustrating, especially if English is not your first language. If you are dealing with USCIS, you may find yourself in a terrifyingly confusing situation—and we understand. The Gambacorta Law Office will serve Immigration lawyer Houston as your advocate during these difficult legal procedures, helping you understand your options and protect your rights.

Mission Statement

“Why are you here today” is a question that nearly all clients of The Gambacorta Law Office hear upon arrival for their consultation. Historically, many clients sought immigrations legal help “to pursue their American dream” of coming to and staying in a country that gives them the opportunity to do whatever is in his or her heart. But, immigration opportunities have become slim pickings these days as a result of increased security and a lackluster economy.

But still, people come thousands of miles many times traveling across an ocean to experience perhaps a better opportunity. These are people who have taken all their life savings to purchase an airline ticket to travel to the United States when in all actuality, an increased risk exists that perhaps they might not even be able to gain entry into the United States upon their arrival. Or, if they do manage to gain entry, the time often comes when they have to leave before their authorized stay expires. Those that overstay their welcome here risk years of prohibited entry in the event they depart the United States at some point. Other foreign nationals might be fortunate to obtain permanent residency either through a family member or employment but commit what we call a trivial crime, perhaps something as little as a DUI. That foreign national may be arrested by the immigration authorities and told to come to immigration court. Does that mean that the foreign national will be deported? Is the crime even one that can trigger the grounds of deportability? Grounds of Inadmissibility? What is an aggregated felony?

These are the challenges that immigration Lawyer Houston encounter on a daily basis. The stakes are high in immigration law. Perhaps a foreign national commits misrepresentation or fraud to an immigration officer. Unfortunately, without a waiver, that foreign national may be barred from the United States for life. Timothy A. Gambacorta of The Gambacorta Law Office, LLC understands that the field of immigration law is laden with pitfalls and is often an intensely emotional area of the law. Often, immigration lawyer deal with the separation of children and parents and if one of the parents is abroad and the rest of his family is in the United States the significance of bringing the family together is never more important. Yet this is what Mr. Gambacorta does for a living. He understands the risks involved and respects each and every one of his clients as they were a member of his own family. He knows firsthand on a personal basis what it feels like to be separated by an ocean from family members for an extended period of time. we provide best law service of Immigration lawyer Chicago.  

With that said, Mr. Gambacorta has striven to provide superior legal services in nearly all areas of U.S. Immigration law. He has prevented families together in the United States by having deportations canceled. He has arranged for the father (whose U.S. Citizen spouse and three children are in the United States) who had no choice but leave the United States per an Administrative Order to eventually come back to the United States – this time on a permanent basis to be with his family. He has aided in the development of businesses by investors who want to contribute to the U.S. Economy. He has also helped an undocumented spouse of a military serviceman become a legal permanent resident without leaving the United States and facing perhaps years abroad waiting for the opportunity to once come back again.

Consider Talking to an Experienced Skokie / Phoenix / Houston / Chicago Immigration Lawyer

Discuss your immigration lawyer Chicago and nationality concerns today with a skilled attorney at the Gambacorta Law Office. We offer no obligation consultations. Schedule your appointment today by dialing one of our locations:

  • Illinois 847-786-2599
  • Arizona 602-759-7480
  • Hawaii 808 672-2488

Immigration Videos, Blogs and Information

The Law Blog

6 Feb

Temporary Protected Status and Countries at Risk

by Timothy Gambacorta Comments ( no responses)

Since 1990 the United States of America has provided many foreign countries with Temporary Protected Status, a program that Congress established to provide humanitarian relief to immigrants from conditions...

5 Feb

Victim of a Crime? What is the best Visa to apply for?

by Timothy Gambacorta Comments ( no responses)

There are three practical visas granted by U.S. Immigration authorizing victims of crimes to enter the U.S. to testify or help law enforcement solve criminal cases.  Examples of these...