The Gambacorta Law Office was founded by Arizona and Illinois licensed Attorney, Timothy A. Gambacorta. The law office focuses on immigration and nationality law.

Historically, many clients sought immigration legal help to pursue their American dream of coming to and staying in a country that gives them the opportunity to do whatever is in his or her heart. But, immigration opportunities have become slim pickings these days as a result of increased security and a lackluster economy.

But still, people come thousands of miles many times traveling across an ocean to experience perhaps a better opportunity. These are people who have taken all their life savings to purchase an airline ticket to travel to the United States when in all actuality, an increased risk exists that perhaps they might not even be able to gain entry into the United States upon their arrival. Or, if they do manage to gain entry, the time often comes when they have to leave before their authorized stay expires. Those that overstay their welcome here risk years of prohibited entry in the event they depart the United States at some point.

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TN VISA/ STATUS- MEXICAN AND CANADIAN LISTED PROFESSIONALS Canadian and Mexican citizens are qualified to apply for a TN work visa listed in the Appendix 1603.D.1 under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). To...

R-1 Religious Visa

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R VISA/ STATUS – RELIGIOUS WORKER This visa allows religious workers like ministers and persons working in the religious vocation or occupation to work in the United States for a period of up to 5...

What Our Clients Are Saying...  

  • In 2009 my husband was planning with a Sponsor, Attorney and great hope to file for Permanent Residence in the United States of America. From Application processing, filing and such an immediate decision we were told we are a marriage in question, my husband was holding unauthentic documents and lacked formatted documentation that fit the order of the United States of America's Immigration requirements.

    J.L.S. Adisi

  • I was in a difficult situation until I met Mr. Gambacorta. I was in the process of being deported since I was here unlawfully. Thankfully, Mr. Gambacorta had my deportation terminated and I was able to stay here with my family.

    Mario Pierog

  • I am in the Air Force and I have been patiently waiting for our government to pass some legislation on immigration. My wife was an illegal alien with no solution to change that unless she went back to her home country to file for a green card.

    Robert S.

  • I had one of my best experiences in my life when I found out that attorney Timothy Gambacorta was able to represent myself and take care of my case with the most significant and professional manner, and more importantly he was willing to establish my legal status in the U.S.A.


  • I just got released from being detained at Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) located here in the state of Arizona. I'll tell you it was a nightmare! My wife started looking for someone to help us and she found Timothy, she felt very strongly about his dedication and skill.

    Alejandro Montenegro

  • In 2009 my life ended when my husband was arrested. I was alone with two children, a boy merely 2 years old and a little girl only 3 months old. Being an at home Mom, I felt as though I lost everything when he was taken. Not only was he sentenced 2.5 years in prison, but he was also placed on an immigration hold meaning that he could be deported. I was a mess and I had no where to turn.

    Nicole Montenegro

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