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EB-3 Third Preference – Employment Based Immigration

The EB-3 Third Preference category is a catch-all for employment-based immigration. It is divided into three categories:

  • EB-3 A – Reserved for professional workers in the United States that hold a bachelor’s degree or a foreign equivalent. You must have a standing job offer to qualify for this category as well.
  • EB-3 B – This is for “skilled” workers with over two years of training in their specialty field, as well asa standing job offer from a company in the United States.
  • EB-3 C – Reserved for “unskilled” workers with less than two years of training in their field, and have a standing job offer from a company in the United States.

“Professional” Workers

EB-3 Third Preference

Professionals must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in their related field.  Any bachelor’s degree will not qualify—it must directly relate to a current field. Education or experience may not be substituted for the physical degree.

“Skilled” Workers

To be classified as “skilled” an individual’s employment status cannot be temporary or seasonal. You must have two or more years working in a specialized field and some form of secondary education is preferred. The employer must fill out a Labor Certificate proving whether or not the required work is “skilled”.

“Unskilled” Workers

These are positions that require less than two years of experience. You must, however, prove you can perform the work better than employees within the U.S., and the company can benefit from hiring you. These types of employment visas often have a backlog of several years. This type of work often involves housekeeping, janitorial services, nurses’ aides, farm workers, and so on.

Why You Need an EB-3 Third Preference visa Attorney

The EB-3 Third Preference is intentionally complex. Because it is the “catch all” visa category, there are thousands of applications received within this classification each year. It is your responsibility to not only complete the application, but prove your worthiness in the category.

.The Gambacorta Law Office understands the EB-3 category, as well as the limitations. We can assist you with your application, represent your case to the USCIS, and help you appeal if you receive an unfavorable decision.

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