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There are 140,000 employment based immigration visas available each year thanks to the Immigration and Nationality Act. But, these visas go fast. To help level the playing field, the U.S. has categorized the types of employment-based immigration allowed and allocated 140,000 visas per category.

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The Five Preference Categories

There are five preference categories for employment-based immigration. Understanding these will help you determine your chances for approval and the appropriate category for your situation.
Employment Based Immigration

  • First Preference – Workers receive 28.6 percent of the available visas each year. To qualify for this category you must exhibit extraordinary abilities in science, art, education, athletics, and business. You can also be a professor or researcher. The requirements for this category are intense and you must prove your exceptional skills to qualify for this category.
  • Second Preference – This is reserved for professionals who hold an advanced degree – beyond a bachelor’s or equivalent. There are 40,000 annual visas allowed in this category.
  • Third Preference – This is for skilled workers with a degree (such as a bachelor’s). But individuals who have the necessary training to fill roles in the U.S. without a degree may also qualify.
  • Fourth Preference – Religious workers, retired employees of international organizations, and members of the U.S. Armed Forces qualify for the fourth preference.
  • Fifth Preference – Investors who are able to invest $1 million into a U.S.-based business and generate at least ten U.S.-based jobs will qualify for fifth preference.

Hire an Employment Based Immigration Attorney

Employment based immigration requires the USCIS Form I-140 to be completed as well as any propersupporting documentation to prove you are eligible for the preference category you select. The attorneys at Gambacorta Law Office can help determine your eligibility and even help you apply. While we cannot guarantee you will be approved due to limited visas, we can ensure your documents are accurate for future approvals.

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