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Family Based Immigration Lawyer – Preference Categories

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The U.S. Immigration laws have always focused on helping families reunite from around the world. They do so through the use of what we know as “green cards”. But, to keep it fair, the U.S. does have preference categories for family members. These categories determine how many green cards are available that year.

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  • Naturalization
  • Visas
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  • Dreamers and Deferred Action
  • Asylum
  • U and T Visas

Family Based Immigration Preference Categories

  • First Preference – Unmarried children (over the age of 21) of U.S. citizens and their children.
  • Second Preference – Spouses, minor children, and unmarried children over the age of 21 of a lawful permanent resident.
  • Third Preference – Married children of U.S. citizens (as well as their spouses and children).
  • Fourth Preference – Siblings of U.S. citizens – as long as the citizen is 21 years or older. The citizen must be at least 21 years of age to sponsor his or her siblings. Half siblings and adopted siblings can also petition for family-based immigration.

How to Apply for Family Based Immigration

Family Based Immigration LawyerThe application process for family-based immigration is simple. It begins with completing and filing with Form I-130, which is filed by the U.S. citizen or permanent resident residing in the United States.

If accepted by the USCIS, the resident or citizen will receive a priority date, which means they can apply for a visa or permanent residence status when that date matures.

Because the number of permanent residents is limited to a yearly quota, the U.S. creates preference categories to decide who will and will not be approved.

Realize that there are long waiting lists, especially for Fourth and Third Preference categories and there is no guarantee you will get off the wait list within the same year.

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Discuss Your Options With An Experienced Family Based Immigration Lawyer

While family based immigration lawyer helps reunite families, there are numerous reasons an application can be denied. Visa petitions, applications, and appeals are not easy to handle unless you have a firm understanding of the U.S. Immigration laws. An attorney can help you through the intricate processes, protect your rights, and ensure you and your loved ones are reunited once again.

Contact the Gambacorta Law Office today to learn more about how we help reunite families or to schedule your family based immigration consultation.