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Immigration Blog

Rules for Detaining Unauthorized Families and Unaccompanied Minors

A major concern that is current with the influx of unauthorized immigrants crossing the U.S – Mexico border is reacting to the treatment minors receive as they enter the country without proper authorization.

Secretary, Jeh Johnson, for the Department of Homeland Security has delivered a system of policy guidelines for handling unauthorized immigrant families.

petition for asylumJohnson has stated that major changes must be made when applying their rules in terms of treatment provided to detained families.

According to statistics released by the U.S government, the numbers of children detained in 2014 increased and U.S. Officers swiftly made themselves available and rendered assistance in working with the unauthorized foreigners.

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Filing T and U Visas for Family Members

The United States Citizenship Immigration Services renders aid by yielding T and U visas to victims of crimes such as: human trafficking, violent sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

Victims possessing T and U visas may have the opportunity to apply or request a T and U Non-immigrant status from the USCIS to have their family members present with them in the United States of America.

Filing T and U Visas for Family Members

Before any family member enters the U.S. they must go through Consular processing, at either the U.S. Department of State, United States Embassy or Consulate in the foreign country victim’s family are residing.

Ultimately, the decision is determined by the USCIS whether or not the family members that are overseas qualify for a derivative T or U non-immigrant status.

Also, the Department of State (DOS) independently decides if family members are eligible to obtain a T or U visa for legal entry into the U.S.

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Understanding the Purpose of T and U Visas

T and U VisasT and U visas were established in October of 2000 for Victims of Human Trafficking as part of the Violence Protection Act.

In December 2008 the USCIS declared provisional final rules which gives recipients of T and U visas the opportunity to apply for an adjustment of status and authorized permanent residency.

These two visa categories have long standing benefits for both victims of crimes and the U.S. government. Since the initiation of these visas, inquiries and prosecutions against criminals of human trafficking and other violent crimes have become effective.

T and U visa holders have been able to enjoy the welfare of immigration.

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What to do when Facing Deportation?

immigration deportationMany foreigners who have lived in the United States for over a year, without proper documentation, wind up facing the threat of possible deportation.

The battle with U.S. Immigration Law can be unpleasant and overwhelming. Applying for an I-601A Waiver can help foreigners who are immediate relatives to a United States Citizen avoid deportation and the 10 year ban.

Every case is different, having a dependent family member or U.S. born children may not meet the requirements to acquiring a I-601A Waiver, but there are other facts that can work in your favor.

It is important to note that securing an I-601A Waiver may not guarantee status for permanent legal residency.

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The Pangs of Facing Deportation

deportation lawyer Illinois The United States government has several reasons for deportation. In fact, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can remove any individual that is not a legal citizen and even those holding green cards.

Deportation or forcible removal from the country can be a very depressing experience, it can even start to affect you physically.

Every year immigrant families living in the United States are devastated when a family member receives a notice to appear before an immigration judge.

If you are being faced with possible forced deportation, then it is time to find an immigration lawyer that can assist you.

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Expecting the Unexpected

Expecting the UnexpectedIf an immigrant finds himself or herself getting a divorce prior to obtaining U.S Citizenship even after it was proven that the marriage was legitimate and genuine before the eyes of the law.

Fear not, there is a way to amend the situation and prevent yourself from getting deported or forcibly removed from the United States.

However, this process is not easy, it is a challenge and an immigration attorney should be sought out as soon as possible, so you do not face deportation.

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Navigating the International Adoption Process

International Adoption Process in United StatesAdopting an Alien child is a long process, especially if you are living in the United States of America and the child is living in another country. If you intend on applying without a lawyer it may take even longer. International Adoption is one situation that requires the assistance of an immigration attorney in order to get you through the process successfully. Getting approved as a foster parent is the first part of the process, but getting your child a U.S. visa the second part, especially, if you plan on bringing your adoptive child to live in the United States.

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Immigration Bills and Changes to Observe in 2015

Since the announcement made in November 20, 2014, by President Barack Obama, regarding administrative orders that he is considering an immigration reform, it has activated several important changes to the United States Immigration laws in 2015, some of these have caught the interest of Immigration attorneys.

Changes to Adjustment of Status

Immigration Bills and ChangesAdjustment of status is a procedure in which immigrants apply for permanent residency and are sponsored voluntarily by an employer or family member. The new changes made would mirror the way in which the State Department maneuvers the Visa Bulletin as well, it will hasten the time frame for submitting applications for Adjustment of Status.

Presently, until a visa number is made available to applicants then can they file for an adjustment of status. The President’s executive order provides flexibility in which all applicants with an authorized visa can apply for adjustment of status even without a visa number available. Foreigners and their family members will also be able to enjoy benefits which will also include travel and work. Working aliens will also have the privilege to change employers.

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Things to Consider When Initiating the Green Card Process

us green card processIf you are a foreigner that qualifies for a U.S. Green Card through an employer or family member, it is important to know that this does not mean you will immediately obtain your green card.

Initiating the application process can take a while, the USCIS is very thorough and you will likely require the assistance of a professional Arizona Immigration attorney. Be mindful that the process can be long and slow as the United States government has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.

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Transitioning From a Student Visa to Green Card Status

For many years thousands of immigrant students have been coming to America to continue their education and fulfill their dreams. Most Foreign students, choose to apply for a green card after graduation because of the many benefits and advantages offered. With an immigrant green card you are able to work and live in the United States, for an unspecified amount of time but you will not have the privilege to vote or run for office. Student Visa to Green CardWhile this is a desired transition for many, some individuals have been unsuccessful and unable to acquire a change of status that will guarantee them a secure stay in the United States.

The question therein lies, “How can you stay in the United States after completing your education?” Foreigners can acquire a Green Card through a willing employer, apply for asylum, marry an American Citizen, join the U.S. Military Service, and other methods. Though these are some ways, you can become eligible your success is determined by your evidential proof and the approval of the United States Immigration Law.

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