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Immigration Blog

How to Know When You Need an Immigration Attorney

Immigration lawyers are responsible for helping their clients tackle a large-scale of legal issues that are linked with Permanent Residency (Green Card), Visas, U.S. Citizenship and other immigration issues. The United States Immigration Laws are federal, which means any individual can obtain assistance from an attorney, even if they are not residing in the United States.

How-to-Know-When-You-Need-an-Immigration-Attorney-300x199 How to Know When You Need an Immigration Attorney Immigration Law Blog

Not every immigration issue at hand may demand the assistance of an immigration attorney, the U.S immigration laws are very complex and in most instances attending a case unrepresented may become very confusing and complicated. Most often hiring an immigration lawyer can save you time, money and unnecessary frustration. One of the best benefits of having a legal representative by your side, is that you will never have to worry about an application error or a filing gone wrong.

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The Best Reasons for Retaining an Immigration Attorney

The-Best-Reasons-for-Retaining-an-Immigration-Attorney-300x212 The Best Reasons for Retaining an Immigration Attorney Immigration Law Blog    Immigration laws in the United Stated of America are known to be firm, but are continually challenged. If you are facing difficulties entering or even living in the United States, consulting an Immigration Attorney whose expertise is in Immigration Law will give you an advantage. Hiring an immigration lawyer also means that you are agreeing to cooperate with your attorney and provide all legal information and necessary documents to assist you in your case. It is of utmost importance to understand that an immigration lawyer cannot legally guarantee that your case will be a success. Such decisions are in the hands of an immigration judge or the administrator handling your case. Nevertheless a Lead Counsel, Top Rated Immigration Attorney will make sure that your immigration matter is managed properly.

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Applying for Citizenship? Six Reasons To Retain an Immigration Attorney

United States Immigration Law is known for being firm, and getting approval from the U.S. government can be very challenging. The process is lengthy and diving headfirst alone can only lead to frustration, disappointment and even loss of your time and finances.

Applying-for-Citizenship Applying for Citizenship? Six Reasons To Retain an Immigration Attorney Immigration Law Blog    #1 – No Matter What your Situation, An Immigration Lawyer will Always Be Willing to Help You.
If you have challenged the immigration law once and your immigration application process has been denied, rejected or it has been approved and then revoked it is time to hire an immigration lawyer. Times like these are very confusing and emotional. Emotions may also interfere and cloud your judgement so make the right choice. If you immediately hire a professional immigration attorney who has profound knowledge in immigration laws, your legal representative will help you get your application process done properly.

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Top 10 Situations That Need an Immigration Attorney

Immigration attorneys can help you with more than just obtaining a visa. In fact, they are a valuable resource that can help you become a permanent citizen, avoid deportation, and even stay out of jail. If any of the following situations apply to you or a loved one, then consider contacting an immigration attorney as soon as possible.

10 Situations that Require an Immigration Attorney

Top-10-Situations-That-Need-an-Immigration-Attorney-199x300 Top 10 Situations That Need an Immigration Attorney Immigration Law Blog

  • You have been convicted of a crime in the past. On your USCIS form you will be asked if you have committed a crime or been convicted. You must provide fingerprints, which will tell officers if you have committed a crime; therefore, you cannot lie. But, there are ways to still get into the U.S. regardless if you have committed a crime, but only with the assistance of an attorney.
  • Your application was denied. Your attorney can identify why you were denied and help you get approved.
  • You attempted immigration on your own and didn’t get anywhere. Immigration laws are difficult to understand and have seen dramatic changes over the past few years. An attorney can increase the chances your application will be approved.
  • You have been forced to leave the United States. Not all removals mean you can never enter the country again and an attorney can help you re-enter legally.

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How Does the President’s Executive Order on Immigration Affect You?

GAMBACORTA-How-Does-the-President’s-Executive-Order-on-Immigration-Affect-You-300x199 How Does the President’s Executive Order on Immigration Affect You? Immigration Law Blog  Executive Actions on Immigration   In November 2014, President Obama announced that he would create an executive order that shields undocumented immigrants from U.S. Immigration Office deportation. This executive order is not meant to provide amnesty, nor does it provide permanent residency; instead, it saves approximately five million immigrants from deportation back to their country. But, what does this executive order mean for those who want to immigrate to the U.S.?

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5 Reasons Your Citizenship Application Could be Denied

5-Reasons-Your-Citizenship-Application-Could-be-Denied-300x199 5 Reasons Your Citizenship Application Could be Denied Immigration Law Blog  Chicago Naturalization Attorneys   Applications for U.S. citizenship are denied or delayed each year. Even if you have a visa and have been a law-abiding citizen of the country for years, you could face deportation and a denied application for something very simple. It is best to fill out an application with the assistance of an immigration attorney, but also it is important to understand the five common reasons an application is denied—and see if you can avoid one of these denials.

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What Does an Immigration Attorney Do?

An immigration lawyer does a lot more than help you get a green card. In fact, immigration lawyers in Chicago take on many roles as well as assist you in defending your rights, even if you don’t think you have any. An experienced immigration attorney can prevent deportation, help you apply for citizenship, and much more.

The Role of an Immigration Attorney

Immigration-Attorney-300x200 What Does an Immigration Attorney Do? Immigration Law Blog  immigration lawyer chicago il   An immigration attorney works as your advisor, helping you interact with U.S. immigration officials. An immigration attorney will provide you with advice regarding your citizenship and can give you guidance for immigration matters including visa applications, green cards, and naturalization.

Your immigration attorney will also represent you in court, if needed. However, most of an immigration attorney’s time is spent working as a mediator between an applicant and the USCIS.

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Hooray! Good news to those who would like to migrate to the US and are still undecided where to go! The state of Michigan would gladly welcome you! As Detroit, Michigan is open to the world!

To support that statement, Michigan governor announces its good intentions to create a Michigan Office for New Americans to attract the immigrants. Governor Rick Snyder believes in reviving the state’s economy by attracting skilled and talented immigrants who would want stay there for five years.

A statewide EB-5 center would be established to work with immigrants who want to invest and open a business in the said state. And by wanting to attract and retain the skilled immigrants, he then announces a plan to allocate a 50,000 EB-2 visas for a period of five years.

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Are you thinking about filing for an H-1B cap this year?

Then we, at the Gambacorta Law Office, urge you to act now!

The list is long. And to be on that list of H-1B visa petitioners, you need yo apply on time! Broadly speaking, the regular H-1B cap was set to 65,000 with 20,000 for Master’s exemption or for workers with US advance degrees.

Once the visa cap is reached, USCIS would stop taking any more applications for petitions. Both you and your employer should prepare your H-1B really early this year as chances are people would be rushing in and you may lose you petition if you’re still not ready by the time the USCIA closes the submission date.

To avoid delays on your end, it’s best to start preparing your H-1B early. Four to six months before the actual date would be much better, that way you’ll be able to check what else is lacking. It’s always better to have sufficient time to gather all the necessary documents. And in case there are legal issues that may arise, at least you will be able to address with the right amount of time.

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